Ani Difranco – Sick Of Me tab

Sick Of Me
from Reckoning
by Ani Difranco
Tuning: Standard

Here's my own simple simple version of "Sick Of Me", 
fun to play and pretty to listen to.... I've never 
seen the proper tabs for this song, this may be nothing
like the real method but we can't all be guitar ninjas 
like Ani, and it fits the melody of the lyrics perfectly 
so... enjoy! Any problems or gratuitous praise email me 
at elsiemarley(at)

In 3/4 time, play with a country/swing rhythm.... 
vocals start on a B note if that's any help.

Chords you need... some are kinda made up

E Aadd9 A A7 E* F#* F#***e---0------0------0------0------0------0------2----B---0------0------2------2------5------5------0----G---1------2------2------0------4------3------3----D---2------2------2------2------6------4------4----A---2------0------0------0------x------x------x----E---0------0------0------0------0------x------x----
Intro Tab/Strumming Example (same pattern in verses and chorus except simpler, ad lib) (To avoid confusion, ^ = down stroke, v = up stroke, it's relative to the tab)
^ . . ^ . . . . . ^ . v ^ v e-||--------------0-----------|--------------0-------0---|B-||--------------0-----------|--------------0-----0-0-0-|G-||--------1-----1-----------|--------2-----2-----2-2-0-|D-||--2-------2---2-----------|----------2---2-----2-2-0-|A-||--2-------------------2---|--0-------------------0-0-|E-||--0-----------------------|--------------------------|
^ . . ^ ^ v ^ v ^ . v ^ ^ ^ v ^ v |--------------0-----------|--------0-----0---0-0-0-0-| |--------------0---0-0-0-0-|--2-----2-----2---2-2-2-2-| |--1---1-------1---1-1-1-0-|--0-------0---0---0-0-0-0-| |--2-------2---2---2-2-2-0-|--2-------2---2---2-2-2-2-| |--2-----------2-----2-2-0-|--0-------0---------------| |--0-----------------------|--0-----------------------|
INTRO: (E Aadd9 E A7) VERSE E Aadd9 how sick of me E must you be A by now E Aadd9 while you're standing just outside E A7 of what your pride will allow E Aadd9 always reaching into yourself E A to find a new way to understand me E Aadd9 when i'm sure that there's no one else E in the world A7 who could withstand me CHORUS E Aadd9 the first person in your life E* F#* to ever really matter E is saying the last thing F#* E* that you want to hear F#* and you are listening hard A through the splintering shards F#*** of your life as it shatters A7 and you're standing firm F#* and you're staying close E and you're seeing clear 2ND VERSE (Same as the first) i took to the stage with my outrage in the bad old days when you were the make-me-mad guy but the songs they come out more slowly now that i am the bad guy and i say, i'm sorry i'm so crazy I am astounded by your patience and you say, believe it or not, baby the joy you bring me still outweighs it CHORUS the first person in your life to ever really matter is saying the last thing that you want to hear and you are listening hard through the splintering shards of your life as it shatters and you're standing firm and you're staying close and you're seeing clear ***(Insert instrumental-y bit here... I like to go F#* Am E E x2)*** E Aadd9 how sick of me E must you be A7 by now? (Slow down to finish on E) Cheers, Bec Johnson elsiemarley(at) *****
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