Ani Difranco – Ok tab

o.k.-ani difranco
tabbed by: diane

tuning: standard

verse 1: C if you ask me D EM i'll say yes please D to you today C so don't ask me D cuz i'm weak that way EM D just don't ask me o.k. chorus:2x C i'm so glad we got that G A EM straightened away verse 2: C if you see me D walk by EM you better just let me D walk by C you better not D bat your pretty eyes EM you better not D stop me to say hi chorus:2X C i got a sweet tooth today G A EM so you better not cut that pie solo: A C EM G A C EM G A C EM G A C D EM intro: 2x verse: C if you ask me D i'll say EM yes please D to you today C so don't ask me D cuz i'm weak that way EM just don't ask me D o.k. (end on D) vwala, there it is! when you play the EM chord in the chorus you can pull off the chord and hammer it back on, it makes it sound cooler, but whatever, that's just my inner-nerd talking.
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