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Animal Collective – Visiting Friends tab

	                     VISITING FRIENDS - Animal Collective
Tabbed by: A.J. Conner

Tuning: Open D (DADF#AD), Capo 1st Fret, *all fret numbers relative to capo!
*meaning "0" in the tab is actually "1," "1" is actually "2," etc. due to 

Yes, I did toil over this 12 minute song that has a whopping two chords. 
But I think I've figured them out. No idea what these chords are called.

Chord 1 & variations (Play whichever you like for this chord, or mix it up)d |-(0)--(0)---0----------|a |--0----3----0----------|F#|--3----3----7----------|D |--0----0----0----------|A |--1----1----9----------|D |--0----0----9----------|Strum repeatedly, for as long as you like.
Chord 2 & variationd |--0----0---------------|a |--0----0---------------|F#|--1----9---------------|D |--1----6---------------|A |--1----7---------------|D |-(1)---9---------------|Also strum repeatedly.
Now I believe what I have tabbed here is the closest thing to what the band plays, but I'm BEGGING somebody who sees this to play it and see how it sounds with the song. I'd like opinions on the tuning, the voicings, anything. Please comment/email me if you have any corrections. They are very much welcome (and needed). Thanks and enjoy! ************************************
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