Animal Collective - Fireworks tab

Animal Collective tabs are usually not tabbed the way the band actually plays them. This 
100% how Avey Tare played the song on the album.

Riff 1:------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------|------6-----------5-----------3-----------1-----|---6----6------5----5------3----3------1----1---|--8--8----8---6--6----6---4--4----4---3--3----3-|9-----------8-----------6-----------4-----------|
Riff 2:------------ ------------------------|------------ ------------------------|------------ ------------------------|------------ ---5--------------------|-3-6-3-3--3- -6---6-6--6--3-6-3-3-3--|4-4-4-4-44-4 x2 6-6-6-6-66-63-3-3-3-3-6-|
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