In The Flowers chords with lyrics by Animal Collective - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Animal Collective – In The Flowers chords

F Bm F Bm

[Verse 1]
BmMet a dancer
CWho was high in a field
DFrom her movement
Em CCaught my breath on my way home
G7 DmCouldn't stop that sprinning force
G7I felt envy
DmEverything around seemed to giggle glee
F G F GShe walked up with a flower and I cared
F Bm F Bm [Verse 2]
BmSaw the dancer
C DWho gets wild to the beats of record rhythms
Em CBut I'm always away for weeks
G7That pass slow my
DmMind gets lost
G7 DmFeeling envy for the kid who'll dance despite anything
F G FI walk out in the flowers and feel better
F G FIf I could just leave my body for the night
C F F F F G C G F F F F [Pre-Chorus]
F GThen we could be dancing
C FNo more missing you while I'm gone
F GThere we could be dancing
C FAnd you'd smile and say, "I like this song"
F GAnd when our eyes will meet then
C FWe will recognize nothing's wrong
F GAnd I wouldn't feel so selfish
C FI won't be this way very long
G DmTo hold you in time
G DmTo hold you in time
G DmTo hold you in time
G DmTo hold you in time
F Bm F Bm [Verse 3]
BmWhile we were dancing
CEarly hours
DDrunken days finally ended
E CAnd the streets turned for a pillowcase
G7 DmThen I fumbled our good lock
G7 DmThen the ecstasy turns to rising light
Through our windowpane
FNow I'm gone
G FI left flowers for you there
F Bm F Bm
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