Animals As Leaders – Cafo tab ver. 4

Artist: Animals as Leaders
Song: Cafo
Album: Animals as Leaders (2009)
Tabbed by: Sascha D. Frost (

This is the solo which begins at approximately 1:02. I slowed the section down by 60%
and tabbed it out by ear. The original song is played on an 8-string. I can't afford one
of those and I'm sure some of you are in the same boat, so I decided to tab it out for a 
6-string in standard tuning. This is how I heard it, though if there are any mistakes feel
free to post a comment. I'm trying to learn this now but it's pretty difficult at least 
for me. I'm sure the positioning of these notes can be changed for more ease of playing, 
but here's the basic outline.

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