Anneliese Van Der Pol – Over It chords

Intro: Dm Bb F Am

Dm. Bb. F. AmHow could you know that behind my eyes a sad girl cries
Dm. Bb. F. AmAnd how could you know that I hurt so much inside
Dm. Bb. F. F augAnd how could you know that I'm not the average girl
Dm. Bb. F. AmI'm carrying the weight of the world, yeah
Bb. CSo can you get me out here
Dm. Bb. F. Am.Take me away, we'll jump in a car, drive till the gas runs out and then walk so far
Dm. Bb. F. CThat we can't see this place anymore
Dm. Bb. F. Am. Take a day off give it a rest so i can forget about this mess
Bb. CIf i lighten up a little bit, then i will be
Over It
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