Annihilator – Clown Parade tab

			 Clown Parade - Annihilator

Tabbed by:youngncy

Tuning:D-A-D-G-B-E (LOW TO HIGH)

{INTRO}-> For the intro the 12-13-10-12 progression is right but you would have to play 

along with the song for the rythem I was using a live version and couldent quite make out 

the rythem!

{Riff A}-> Riff A is the same thing as the intro listen to the song to find how many times you play this riff. {Riff B}-> This tiff was the tricky one this riff is not perfect but i tried this is the riff were its a desend. I will mw revisions to this when i figure it out for sure.
{SOLO}-> I will figure this out soon. So that is pretty much it. Listen to the song and put all the parts were they go I will make a neater tab i will try to get the actual song to not a live version. Other than I hope you guys like what ive got. also if you guys have any problems pm youngncy thx! | / slide up---\ | \ slide down \ | h hammer-on \ | p pull-off > ILL ADD THIS STUFF LATER! | ~ vibrato / | + harmonic / | x Mute note--/ ===============================================================================
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