Annihilator – Only Be Lonely tab

Im pretty sure this is correct but im not 100%. Think its in standard after playing 
with the cd. Hope this helps, and if someone knows the full track please upload it....killer song!

Intro Guitar 1

e|---0-------- e|---0--------|b|----0-----0- b|----0-----0-|g|-----2-1h2-- x2 g|-----2-1h2--| x2d|------------ d|------------|a|------------ a|-4----------|E|-0---------- E|------------|
e|---0---0------0---0-----0-----------0---0---|----|b|----0---0------4---4-----0------0----0---0--|----|g|-----6---6------4---4-----2-1h2-------2-----|----|d|--------------------------------------------|----|a|------------2-----------------------------2-|----|E|-5--------------------0-----------0---------|0*--|*this is the first note from the next bar as you will see when playing along
Any help with the rest would be well appreciated!!! Scotty D
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