Anthony Green - Moon Song tab

Ok, so like most of Anthony's songs this one is a whole step down.
The notes in parentheses are optional. You might prefer them with, or without. Either 
sounds fine. Lemme know if something is wrong, but this sounds right to me.
These are just the chords, or whatever you wanna call em' finding the rhythm and 
switches should be easies for ya.

D-------------|A-------------|F-------------|C---- 14------|G----(14)-----|D----- 0------|
D-------------|A-------------|F-------------|C---- 13------|G----(13)-----|D----- 0------|
D-------------|A-------------|F-------------|C---- 12------|G----(12)-----|D----- 0------|
D------------|A------------|F------------|C---- 11-----|G----- 0-----|D----- 0-----|
"Because the storm isn't over" part:
D------------|A------------|F------------|C---- -9-----|G----- 0-----|D----- 0-----|
D------------|A------------|F------------|C---- 10-----|G----- 0-----|D----- 0-----|
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