Aquabats - Chemical Bomb tab

This is my tab for Chemical Bomb by the Aquabats, this is a really neat song with a
Hawaiian style. The chords are not difficult chords, and it's a fun song to play. Standard tuning


E C#m G#aug Dmaj7/A---4-------4-|---4-------4-|-------------|-------------|---5-------5-|---5-------5-|-------------|---7-------7-|---4-------4-|---6-------6-|---5--------5|---6-------6-|-------------|-------------|---6--------6|---7-------7-|-7----7-7----|-4---4-4-4---|---7--------7|-------------|-------------|-------------|-4-----4-4---|-5---5-5-5---|
Verse Do the chords with the same fingering & pattern as above E C#m I was at the supermarket E C#m Watching people cut in line E C#m I started thinking about human nature Dmaj7/A What would you do B if there was no more food? E C#m My mind began to wander E C#m About greed and hunger E C#m And just how many other countries Dmaj7/A B Are getting ready for another war B A But the sun was shining B A B And everything seemed fine A B So count me in A B I'll see you on the other side E Chemical bomb C#m Chemical bomb G#aug Eyes melt, Skin explodes Dmaj7/A Everybody's dead E It won't be long C#m It won't be long G#aug People gonna run around Dmaj7/A Losing their heads E A river of blood C#m Who's gonna live? G#aug The earth is tired of human kind Dmaj7/A And I think this world E Is gonna wash up in Hell (continue rhythym)
Now, I think you can probably figure out the rest, seeing as there isn't anything to figure out. Complaints? Email me a
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