This Is What It Feels Like chords with lyrics by Armin Van Buuren - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Armin Van Buuren – This Is What It Feels Like chords

This Is What It Feels Like - Armin Van Buuren feat. Trevor Guthrie

Hi everyone I'm Ravin and I've wanted to play this song on guitar so badly, and i 
finally figured out the chords for it, it sounds so nice if you know how to finger 
pick the strings.Enjoy!

Standard Tuning

Capo on the 8th Fret

Am F C |-0-----------0----------0------||-1-----------1----------1------||-2-----------2----------0------||-0-----------3----------2------||-0-----------0----------3------||-0-----------0----------0------|
Am F CNobody here knocking at my door
Am F CThe sound of silence I can't take anymore
Am F CNobody ringing my telephone now
Am F COh how I miss such a beautiful sound
Am F CAnd I don't even know how I survive
Am F CI won't make it to the show without your light
Am F CNo I don't even know if I'm alive
Am Oh, oh, oh without you now
F CThis is what it feels like
Verse 2: Same Chord Progression as verse 1 Repeat Chorus
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