Art Garfunkel – Bright Eyes tab

This is my interpretation of Bright Eyes, penned by Mike Batt and later covered by Art
Garfunkel. Enjoy this emotive song:

By Adam Marshall, 28th September 2005

F        Dm        Bb     

F               Bb     F        Dm                     Bb        F 
1.Is it a kind of dream-       floating out   on the   tide-
2.Is it a kind of sha - dow    reaching in-to    the  night-

C                            F        Bb            Gm       C
fol-low-ing the ri-ver of  death down-stream     oh is it a dream?
wan-der ing   o- ver   the   hills un-seem       or is it a dream?

          F                 Bb    F            Dm                 Bb     F
There's a fog along the hor- i - zon,      a strange glow in- the sky- 
There's a high wind in the   trees,-        a cold  sound in- the air,-

     C                      F        Bb                          A
and no-bod-y seems to know where you go         and what does it mean
and no-bod-y  e-  ver knows when you go         and where do you start

E7       F      C7       F
oh       oh     is it a dream?
oh       oh     in-to the dark


             Am      Bb              C    
Bright- eyes-        burn-ing  like  fire,

C7              Am      Bb                        Gm 
     Bright eyes     how can you close- and fail?-

   A            Dm          C          F      Bb                    Gm      
How can the light that burnt   so bright-ly   sudden-ly burn-so pale?-

 C7            F       F       F
Bright-    Eyes- 

                              That's it folks!
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