Completely chords with lyrics by Art Of Dying - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Art Of Dying – Completely chords


[Verse 1:]
Fm#I see an end
AOur sun will dive
E DBlood alone won't bring you life
Fm#Darkness falls
ACurtains rise
E DYou and I just can't survive
Fm#Like broken glass
AI see through you
E DI can't believe the things that you do
Fm# AWith open eyes been cut before
E DNow I see through closing doors
Fm# A AWatch what you wish for, you know you just might get it
Fm# ACompletely without me
E DWhat's in your head is on your hands
Fm# ACompletely without me
E D Fm# AI over turned, I understand that everything you want
E DAin't always what you need
Fm# ACompletely without me
E DCompletely without me
And so on... It sounds good to me i hope it helped Tabbed by:Mojke
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