As Cities Burn - Into The Sea tab

band : as cites burn
song : into the sea
album : hel or high water

here it is not sure about some of the chords... but its really close and plays 
nicely with the song.

e|----------------------------------------------|b|--------4---9-7------------9-7----------------|g|--------4--------4-6~4----------4-6~-6/8------|continued d|--4/6---6--------------6~------------4/9-9-11-| a|----------------------------------------------|d|----------------------------------------------|
e|---7------------------------------4--------4--|b|--7--7----------7-kinda rake--7---4--------4--|g|-8-----8---6--8-8-up on this--8---4--puase-4--|d|---------8--------chord->-----8/6-6--------6--|a|----------------------------------------------|d|----------------------------------------------|
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