Asaf Avidan And The Mojos – Everybody chords

This is from Asaf Avidan's early yet outstanding EP "Now That You're Leaving".
This song is very simple to play, and sounds great.
Simply play:
Bm D A Gall over.
Play the chords this way:
Bm D A Ge ---2------2------5------3---|B ---3------3------5------3---|G ---4------2------6------4---|D ---4------0------7------5---|A ---2------0------7------5---|E -----------------5------3---|
Strum the chords down (from E to e), and try to strum it slowly: about 1/4 of the time chord should be strummed, and in the other 3/4 let it ring. If you want some challenge, try playing a solo on D major scale. Sounds awesome.
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