Ash – Sometimes tab

Artist: Ash
Song: Sometimes
Album: Free All Angels (2001)

I looked at some of the other tabs on this site for the song and using bits of them i
think i've worked out the song properly. I won't claim this tab as mne cos i couldn't
have done it without looking at the others first.

A:     x02220
Dmaj7: xx0222
E6:    022120
E:     022100

h= Hard on
p= Pull off
b= Bend

NB: In the verse the E6 is used, but in my opinion its a bit difficult to finger.
if you find this i recomend just using the straight E 

Intro pt1:

Intro pt2:e|-------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---9-7-6-6-6-6-6-----9-7-6-6-6-6-6b-6---9-7-6-6-6-6-6---6b---------|D|-7---------------6-7------------------7---------------6----7-7-9-7-|A|-------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------|
(If you are struming the intro use the chords to the verse for pt1 and the chords to the Chorus for pt2) Verse1: A Dmaj7 Can't sleep in the city, E6 A Your far away, A Dmaj7 Cigarettes keep you skinny, E6 A And your mind off the rain, A Dmaj7 E6 A Oh some-times, some-times A Dmaj7 E6 A Oh some-times, some-times (repeat for the other verses in the song) Chorus: E Dmaj7 E Sometimes it happens feeling die, E Dmaj7 A Whole years are lost in the blink off an eye, E Dmaj7 E We once had it all but events conspired, E Dmaj7 A Sometimes, Ending: E Dmaj7 E Saturns decline is my star sign, E Dmaj7 A Seasonal adjutmnets stars realign, E Dmaj7 E Sometimes it happens feelings die, E Dmaj7 A Sometimes, E Dmaj7(single strum) Sometimes. The order is: Intro pt1 Intro pt2 Verse x2 Chorus Verse Chorus x2 Verse Solo (same as Intro pt2) Chorus Ending Its about 90% right i think. Have a play around if you don't think it's quite right. But its pretty much there. Enjoy!
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