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Ashleigh Grice – Better Times tab

			     Better Times - Ashleigh Grice
Tabbed by:Ashleigh Grice


VerseE|--0------0------1------3------0------0------1------3-- --1----3--|B|--1------0------1------3------1------0------1------3-- --1----3--|G|--0------0------2------4------0------0------2------4-- x2 --2----4--|D|--2------2------3------5------2------2------3------5-- --3----5--|A|--3------0------3------5------3------0------3------5-- --3----5--|E|--0------0------1------3------0------0------1------3-- --1----3--|
Chorus/InterludeE|--7------5------1------3--|B|--7------5------1------3--|G|--8------5------2------4--|D|--9------6------3------5--|A|--9------6------3------5--|E|--7------5------1------3--|(on ending slide back up to 799877 and strum once for finish)
Intro Verse(Palm Muted) Interlude(Palm Muted) Verse(Palm Muted) Chorus Verse Interlude Verse Intelude Chorus(Slow & Quite) Interlude(play through as many times as u want, fading out) lyrics Intro Verse- i lay beneth faded skies thinking back on better times when i lay in your arms and was saved from a world of harm Interlude Verse- and you'd look at me and smile, oh so gentaly that i would be protected from whatever had effected me Chorus- and sunddenly i have nowhere to run to, my destination was always beside you now im lost and alone, with nowhere to go. Verse- and i wish i could say you make me fell this way, but the day you turned around, you dropped my heart there on the ground Interlude- Chorus- repeted lyrics Interlude(finish) | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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