Asking Alexandria – Dedication chords

Asking Alexandria
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Key: Eb

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Cm - x35543
Bb - x13331
G# - 466544

Verse: Danny Worsnop speaks about the death of his grandfather
G# You'll never really find
those perfect words
Bb Something more
Cm Bbthan just "Goodbye"
G#It's hard to remember the good
times when there's just so much heartache
Bb but they deserve more than that
Cm They deserve more than just
Bbone single moment of sadness
G#So just remember that when
there's enough love in our hearts
BbIt burns like a fucking supernova
Cm And there sure is enough love
Bbin our heart to smile
that famous smile
G# We all lose someone at
some point in our lives
Bb but don't ever let go
Cmof that smile
BbHold on forever Because
Cm(hold)that's our final dedication
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