Association – Everything That Touches You tab

"Everything That Touches You"
				(Terry Kirkman)

Jim Yester, in the liner notes to the Japanese _From The Original Master
Tapes_ CD (Warner/Pioneer WPCP-3536):

  Continuing the tradition of Association love songs, this major national
  hit record, one of the best of the Bob Alcivar vocal arrangements, still
  receives wide airplay.

Intro [2X]:


v v v v -------------12----------------12----------12----| -----9-12--------------9-12-------------12-------| -10----------------10----------------10----------| -------------------------------------------------|
v v v v -------------12----------------12----------12----| ----10-12-------------10-12-------------12-------| -12----------------12----------------12----------| -------------------------------------------------|
[guitar (doubles bass at pitch):]
111 Gmaj9 [xx9110] v v v v -------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------| -------------5-----------------5-----------5-----| ----2--5--------------2--5--------------5--------| -3-----------------3-----------------3-----------|
1 1 Am11 [xx0980] v v v v -------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------| -------------5-----------------5-----------5-----| ----3--5--------------3--5--------------5--------| -5-----------------5-----------------5-----------|
Verse 1: Gmaj9 Am11 In my most secure moments I still can't believe Gmaj9 I'm spending these moments with you Am11 On the ground I am walking, the air that I breathe Gmaj9 Are shared in these moments with you Chorus: F G You love for real F G You show the feel F G Am Am/G D7/F# G C/G G C/G Of everything that tou............ches you Verse 2: In the songs I've been singing quite often a phrase Comes close to the feeling of you But I never suspected that one of those days The wish of the song would come true [repeat chorus] Bridge: G7#9 G7#9 [piano arpeggiates chord downward] / . . . / [N.C.] G F You are of gracefulness G F You are of happiness C D C You are what I would guess to be most like D G What I've been singing of [repeat intro] [repeat verse 1] [repeat chorus] Coda [repeat to fade]: [bass plays intro patterns except as noted]: Gmaj9 Am11 Love love Gmaj9 Love
Am11 --------3-------- v v v v -------------12----------------------------------| ----10-12----------------------------------------| -12----------------------2-------3-------5-------| -------------------------------------------------| Ev- ry- thing is
-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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