Association – Remember tab


	guitar w/tremolo [2X]:

Dm7 GaddA/D v v v v -1-------3-------| ---1-------0-----| -----2-------2---| -------0-------0-| -----------------| -----------------|
Verse 1: Dm7 Am G There'll come a day when you and I are one Dm7 Am G A day when we no longer need the sun FaddG Am G Out of time and space we'll be FaddG Am G Aside all of eternity Verse 2: You'll hear my voice with different ears You'll live the dreams of timeless years Your eyes will be the silver stars That live and shine and see so far Verse 3: Though thoughts and things have come between And we exist in different scenes I'll recognize you on the day When all the darkness goes away FaddG Am G And we won't count our time by day Coda: Dm7 Eb So sing your songs of now, my dear Dm7 Eb And make your voice so loud and clear F Am G And when the songs change - well, never mind (never mind) FaddG Am G For they were made to stay behind (stay behind) FaddG Am G And we were meant for nevertime F Am G Remember Outro: repeat intro hold GaddA/D three extra bars; bass plays G over final chord -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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