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Atif Aslam – Pehli Nazar tab

Sarang hae yo....(pehli nazar me...) TABBS

Tabbed by Serra.

this is a very sweet song....originally a Korean version...(dubbed in hindi).
check this out for the original Korean version..

well i tried 10 mins to find the tab, n this is hw i ended up. it's the first time i'm 
any tabs in here .... i need sumone to fix , if there's sum bugg in it.

the intro goes like ....

E|-----2--4-----|----5----5-----4-----------------------|B|-----3--5-----|----7----------5---5--5----3-3---------|G|------------- |-------6---6-------4--4----2-2---------|D|------------- |---------------------------------------|A|------------- |---------------------------------------|E|--------------|---------------------------------------|
the rest is easy i gues.... mail me at
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