Atif Aslam – Pehli Nazar chords

a very easy and basic version of pehli nazar by atif aslam..

capo on the 2nd fret, it'll work without it too but it sound a lot better with a 
capo on the 2nd fret.

Chords: (D) (A) (G)

strumming: DDUUDU

Note: after playing G, hit a Down Stroke on (A)before repeating the whole process... i.e. D A G

(D)Pehli (A) Nazar mein kaisa (G) jaadu kar dia (A)
(D)Tera (A) ban betha hai (G) mera jia (A)
(D)janay (A) kya hoga (G) kya hoga kya pata (A)
(D)is pal ko (A) milkay aa (G) jee lain zara(A)

(D) main hoon (G) yahan (D) tu hain (G) yahan
(D) meri baahon (G) me a (A) aa bhi jaa

rest is the same, you'll figure it out and if you don't then write me back....
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