Atom And His Package – I Wanna Be A Homosexual tab

This is an incredibly simple song. If you are just learning to play guitar, then this is 
good song to learn because it sounds decent and anyone who can play a powerchord can 

Intro/Verse (the only guitar riff in the whole song)E|-------------------------|B|-------------------------|G|-------------------------|D|--2-x2--------------7-x2-|A|--0-----2-x2--4-x2--5----|E|--------0-----2----------|
And that's it. The rest is just synths and what not. If playing D|-7-x2-| is A|-5----|
too much of a hassle because you actually have to move your hand down the neck slightly, you can just play:G|-2-x2-|D|-0----| instead, and if playing:A|-4-x2-| is too much of a hassle because E|-2----|You have to actually change your finger positions, then I am terribly sorry. Please rate.
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