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Atomic Rooster – Devils Answer tab

NOTE: I am not sure of what to use for the pull offs and hammer ons so this is what the
P's and H's repreasent:

P-pull off
H-hammer on

The 'crunching' type sound near the beginning is made by just sliding a pick/plectrum
down the A string, start around where the middle pickup is on a strat and just slide 
down in
time with the song, it's not a major part of the song but its nice to put in

Intro (although repeated later in the song):

P HG------------------------------------------|D--10--8------8--------------8--8--10------|A---------10-----10------10----------------|E------------------------------------------|
Do this twice. Verse/Chorus chords: Its a bit hard to hear but I think John Du Cann plays the barre chords but misses out the B and E string octaves, its really up to you but I've tabbed without.
C A# A# A# A# C CE------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------|G--9---7--7------7--9---9------------------|D--10--8--8------8--10--10-----------------|A--10--8--8------8--10--10-----------------|E--8---6--6---6--6--8---8------------------|
C C A# A# A# A# CE------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------|G--9---9---7--7------7--9------------------|D--10--10--8--8------8--10-----------------|A--10--10--8--8------8--10-----------------|E--8---8---6--6---6--6--8------------------|
And that's it apart from the solo, which I haven't worked out yet. As with most John Du Cann solo's, it's a beautiful mess! One thing he does do quite consistenly at the beginning of it is bending the B string at the 12th/13th fret (I'm not entirely sure; either he was an amazing string bender - well, he is anyway - or he was at the 13th, just do whatever floats your boat ^_^). And thats it, if you have any Atomic Rooster song requests, just give me a message and I'm sure I might be able to tab it for you.
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