Backyards Of Our Neighbors chords with lyrics by Au Revoir Simone for guitar and ukulele @ Guitaretab

Au Revoir Simone – Backyards Of Our Neighbors chords

Intro: Dm Am (Repeat until you're ready to start)

Dm AmBaby tell me please
Dm Is this a dream
CSpending the night with you
Dm AmBeneath the cherry trees
Dm CJust make a wish and everything comes true
F Am F C (Ohhhhhhh part) 2x
DmOut the windows of my bedroom
CThrough the backyards of our neighbors
DmBut I didn't leave you waiting
CThere was endless concentration
DmThen the moon swept down to greet us
C It was warm and made of flowers
DmInto vines that barely reached us
CClimbing higher than forever
F Am F C (Ohhhhhhh part) 2x
Dm C (single strum)Baby help me please
DmIn knowing this
C'Cause showing never tells
Dm AmWas it just a breeze
DmWas it a kiss
CBreathless exquisite chills
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