Audio Adrenaline – Underdog tab

hey guys the other tab ( no offense ), but i didnt like it at all especially with all
the trouble you have to go through making it into the drop b tuning so i took this song
to my guitar teacher and he showed me how to do it in standard tuning ( it sounds so much
better this is exactly how to play it )
key--- ^=bend the note
       x2 means play 2 times x4 means 4 times x8 means 8 times
       x \
       x  \these x's mean to mute the notes
       x  /
        p = pick off
        h = hammer on

verse 1 is just a base until it gets to the guitar struming in the clean tone but sorry havent tabed that part out yet but right after the guitar in the clean tone comes this in destortion
outro -- is the same as the chorus except at the very end you repeat the small solo part about times or so -- you should be able to figure it out its easy its pretty much that same pattern through the whole song i liked this song a lot and it really easy so i hope that you enjoy if you have any questions or comments you can reach at
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