Audio Adrenaline – Hands And Feet chords

Hands and feet


Bm G An image flashed across my TV screen
Bm GAnother broken heart comes into view
Bm GI saw the pain and I turned my back
D GWhy can't I do the things I want to?
A EmI'm willing yet I'm so afraid
A GYou give me strength When I say
DI want to be your hands
AI want to be your feet
EmI'll go where you send me
GI'II go where you send me (2x)
Em AAnd I try, yeah I try
D DTo touch the world like
A GYou touched my life
Em AAnd I find my way
DTo be your hands
Bm GI've abandoned every selfish thought
Bm GI've surrendered every thing I've got
Bm GYou can have everything I am
D GAnd perfect everything I'm not
A EmI'm willing, I'm not afraid
A GYou give me strength When I say
A GThis is the lifetime I turned my back on you
Em From now on, I'll go so
GSend me where You want me to
AI finally have a mission
GI promise I'll complete
EmI don't need excuses
GWhen I am your hands and feet
D A Em GHands...Feet...Go...Go
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