Austin Hartley-leonard - In My Sleep chords 

Standard Tunning, Cap on 3rd fret.

This chord is only used once, but i can't find a name for it, so i'll just call it F#. But don't forget it looks like this instead of what UGT will make it.e|---|---|---|B|---|---|-X-|G|---|---|---|\__ F#D|---|---|---|/A|---|---|---|E|---|-X-|---|
Intro- Strum G chord "1,2,3,4" style 3 times and then play intro.. Ge|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------0--------1-0-----0--------1-0-----0--------------0--------------|G|-0--------------------2-0--------------2-0----------2---2---0------------|D|------------------------------------------------------0------------------|A|---2-2-2---2-2-2--3---------2-2-2--3---------2-2-2--0---------2-2-2------|E|-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3----------3-3-3-3----------3-3-3-3----------3-3-3-3------|
e|----------------------------------|B|----------------------------------|G|----------------------------------|D|----------------------------------|A|---2-2-2----2-2-2-----------------|E|-3-3-3-3--3-3-3-3--3(let ring)----|
Chords(played after intro)
G C GSunday, dark has turned to grey
C G DThe stars make their way, i raise my glass
G D G C GAnd part my lips, 10 too many deem
C G D GThe only time i see you is in my sleep.
G C GSunday, gettin' by my way
C G DI think i'll be okay, for a while.
G D G C GI know you, were never mine to keep
C G D Gbut i know that i will see you in my sleep.
G F#
Em C GBut time, has been un-kind
D G GAnd kept me far from you.
G C GBut i know you will be
C G D G holdin' me in my sleep.
(Listen to the song for this timming, but i've put it onto 1234 counts)G C G C G D1-2-3-4_1-2-3-4_1-2-3-4_1-2-3-4
G C G C G D G G(strike the two G's hard)1-2-3-4_1-2-3-4_1-2-3-4_1-2-3-4
G C GI've been, Hangin' on,
C GScrapin' by,
DAll my life.
G C GAnd i know, You will be,
C GHoldin' me,
D GIn my sleep.
G C GI've been, Hangin' on
C GScrapin' by,
DAll my life
GAnd i know i'll miss you
CI'll always miss you
G D GBut i know i'll see you in my sleep.
G~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(let ring) I know i'll miss you
C~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I'll always miss you
G~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ D~~~~ G~~~~~but i know i'll see you in my sleep.
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