Avail – Tuesday chords

Chords used: D A G C C B A#e|---------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------|G|--7--------5---------------------------------------------------------|D|--7--7--5--5---------------------------------------------------------|A|--5--7--5--3--10--9--8-----------------------------------------------|E|-----5--3------8--7--6-----------------------------------------------|
Intro/verse(1): D A G
Then(2): C-A, C-A, C-ATrying to get out not out getting....
C C C G G G(3) Your running around again im around again
now play (1) again C Pushing the time in a daze. D/AA D/AA D/AA D/AA after this a few time it goes back to the intro/verse(1)
D/AA D/AA D/AA C/B/A#then: Truth Truth Truth Numbed my feelings
then intro/verse again then end with C/B/A#
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