Avalanche City – You And I tab

Song: You and I
Band: Avalanche City
Album: Our New Life Above the Ground
Tuning: Standard


1 guitar just does this for a lot of the song.

While another does these Chords Intro: A5 A5 F# If you had an empty suitcase I'd help you to pack it tight and if you were afraid of darkness Well I'd stay 'til it was light That little riff that plays before the end.
A5 F# A5 Cos I believe that you are all I want A5 F# A5 Cos I believe that you and I belong Chords:
A5 F#e|------| e|---2---|B|------| B|---2---|G|---2--| G|---2---| D|---2--| D|---4---|A|---0--| A|-------|E|------| E|-------|
All chord and notes relative to Capo.
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