Average White Band – Cut The Cake tab

Cut the Cake
Average White Band

I never knew of this song's existence until several months ago I joined a local seven
R & B/ funk/ jazz outfit. I was given several cd's worth of songs to learn in a fairly
amount of time. I was able to pick out the majority of them fairly easy but this one 
me nightmares and after countless failed attempts I checked to see if I could find any tabs
help me out. Needless to say i found none, so after much time i figured this out, it may 
be 100% but I dare you to get closer than this! Hope this helps.

 Intro/ main riff

|--10--------12--------------||--11--------13--------------| Break after intro these same chords are|o-10--------12-------------o| also used in the chorus.(gimme gimme....)|o-12--------14-------------o||----------------------------||----------------------------|
the one other change in the song goes like this
these funky main riffs are a little tricky at first but once you get them down they too hard. I hope you have as much fun with this one as I do.
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