Axel Rudi Pell – Snake Eyes tab

by Axel Rudi Pell

Metronome: 150bpm
Tune: 1/2 step down

Solo n' licks have not been tabbed out.
Not 100% sure the rest is completely right either...but it's not far from truth

[Riff: 1] Main

[Riff: 2] Verse
[Riff: 3] Bridge
[Riff: 4] Chorus End chorus...E|-------------------|-------|B|-------------------|-------|G|--------------5----|-------|D|--7---3---5---5-5--|---9---|A|--7---3---5---3-5--|---7---|E|--5---1---3-----3--|-------|
There's a hot new piece slippin'thru the city slitherin' 'round sneakin' out lookin' much too pretty Got her number got her thru my bedroom door coiled her legs around me then she wanted more Don't make me beg like a dog without a bone Come on little sweetie don't cha turn your heart to stone She's burnin' I'm learnin' She's got Snake Eyes She's burnin' I'm learnin' can't stop and won't think twice She's burnin' I'm learnin' She's got Snake Eyes She's burnin' I'm learnin' She controls the dice - Snake Eyes Come on snake eyes get it while it's hot fell the venom sting ya get every last drop
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