Aa Bondy – Fentanyl Freddy chords

D   Gmaj7   D    Gmaj7

[Verse 1]
DFentanyl Freddy
Gmaj7Flipped another car
DHeard his sister saying
Gmaj7Be better if he died
CAnd I'm a chicken killer
Gmaj7 I'm a crush-a-piller
CSee me at the pawn shop
BmWith my neighbor's lawnmower
[Interlude] D Gmaj7 D Gmaj7 C Gmaj7 C Bm [Verse 2]
DI slip a twenty from your purse
Gmaj7I do the family curse
DHe was a Manson
Gmaj7She was a Fromme
CAnd do my best to stay under
Gmaj7Out of the thunder
COf run your mouth
BmAnd president whatever
[Outro] D Gmaj7 D Gmaj7 C Gmaj7 C Bm
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