Aaron Sprinkle – So Discreet chords


Em   B   G   A  (x2)


[Verse 1]

Em                          B

I see a swallow perched in front of me

G                             A

   Laughing with her eyes so sullenly

Em                     B

Then I see a truck go down the way

G                    A

    No delivery for me today



C                     D

There's a man upon a little bike

G                                 A

   That makes him feel so big he can't decide

C                              D

If he should give up scraping both his knees

G                         A

   For the sake of being so discreet

        C            D

So discreet


[Guitar Solo]

Em   B   G   A  (x2)



C                      D

Before I know it I am far away

G                               A

The swallow looks so small she can't complain

C                            D

I don't remember which warm house is mine

G                          A

So I choose the one whose love is fine


Love is fine


[Outro/Guitar Solo]

C     D

Em   B   G   A  (x3 and fade)

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