Aaron Watson – Ghost Of Guy Clark chords


[Verse 1]
CThe old man was sitting on the tailgate of a '62 Ford flatbed
C2/B Am Picking on an old guitar, he looked at me and he said, "The engine's dead
FIt was a good run son," as he strummed a melancholy chord
C"Now I've got nothing but time to kill until the coming of the Lord"
[Verse 2]
CWell, he played me a few songs, one about a Randall knife
C2/B Am One about a train, one about the pain of losing the love of his life
Am7/G FHe took a puff of that cigarette, blew a breath of smoke that could smother
CHe said "They always said these would kill me and they did," then he laughed and he lit another
[Verse 3]
CHe said, "I hear that you write songs boy, play me one that I might know"
C2/B Am So I sang him my latest and greatest hit and number one on music row
FHe stopped me before I could finish the verse, said "I think I've heard enough of that
CWhen you've heard one you've heard em all," with a grimace of a grin he took his old guitar back
[Verse 4]
CHe said, "I guess that's alright if that's all you've got to give
C2/B AmIf that's all you've got to say in this one life you've got to live
Am7/G FThere's no meaning in your melody so predictable and weak
CWasted words and shallow rhymes, I'd rather hear a woman cuss me a blue streak"
[Verse 5]
C"You see, the pencil to the pad is like the bullet to the gun
C2/B AmThe pen is mightier than the sword if the words are forged from fire from the sun
Am7/G FYet some do it for the fame, the fun, the money and all the glory
CYet some do it for their weary soul, won't rest until they tell their story"
[Verse 6]
C"You gotta make 'em feel what you feel, help 'em dream a dream and make 'em wonder
C2/B AmIt's like catchin' lightning in a bottle, make 'em smell the rain and hear the thunder
Am7/G F Let 'em taste the tears of joy or the bittersweet taste of sin
CFind the passion in a four letter word or a Sunday morning Amen"
[Verse 7]
CThen he flicked his ashes and he pointed at my heart
AmSaid, "If you're searching for solid gold, that'd be a real good place to start
FLet the words speak for themselves, tell the truth, right or wrong
CAnd bare your soul for all to see, all for the sake of the song"
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