Adam Carroll – Hi Fi Love chords

C  G  F  G  C  x2

[Verse 1]
C G FYou've been singing
G CLike the devil
FAlways knew she was a girl
G CAngel of mercy
FSeems like she left me
Em G CIn a wolf-and-sheep kinda world
G FYour P.A.'s squealing
G CYour band is reeling
FBut I just can't get enough
C DmOf your old French ticklers
Em FNo one in particulars
C G CYour sundown, hi-fi love
[Interlude] C G F G C x2 [Verse 2]
G FGo ahead, babe
G CMess up a marriage
FMake 'em act just like a fool
GI seen ya standing
C FUnderneath the moonlight
Em G CI've been feeling like I do
G FBeen knowing no one
G CNext to nothing
FI guess I've had it pretty rough
C DmWould you like some Sancho knockin'
Em FFreebird rockin'
C G CWhite trash and hi-fi love
DmFileaf wearin'
Em FDoobie sharin'
C G CPink Floyd hi-fi love
[Interlude] C G F G C Dm Em F C G C C G F G C [Verse 3]
G FWest Coast dreamer
G CWhite line princess
FWith a maple leaf tattoo
GYou've been drinkin'
C FLike a bricklayer's daughter
Em G CThat I've been getting close to
G FA midnight highway
G CThat made you crazy
FNickel and dimed you and made you rough
C DmHow 'bout some neighbor wakin'
Em FOld bones shakin'
C G CHowlin' Wolf hi-fi love
DmCosby fearing
Em FOprah loving
C G CFat Albert and hi-fi love
Em FFolk music singin'
C G CMidnight, hi-fi love
DmPissing on your own grave
EmAnd Irish holiday
C G CShillelagh, hi-fi love
[Outro] C G F G C x2
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