Adjust the Sails – You'll Be Okay chords

Em D C G

[Verse 1]
Em DYou start today like any other
C GWith your Starbucks and a smoke
Em DContemplating thoughts of suicide
C GReading entries that you wrote
Em DIn a journal that you both kept
C GTo document how you both felt
Em D C GBefore he left
[Verse 2]
Em DYou'€™ve been lied too, you'€™ve been cheated
C GRipped apart at all your seams
Em D C GDarling that'€™s just what you get for leaving your heart out in your sleeve
Em DBut the pain will fade
C GThe hurt will subside
Em DAnd you'€™ll be fine
C G(Oh you'€™ll be fine)
[Verse 3]
C EmSee there'€™s lessons to be learned
DLike you should hope and not self hate
G DBut I know dear loving princess
EmThis is not how you think
CSome find comfort in the dissonance
BmWhile others just find pain
G C Em DSo just please know my dear that everything will be ok
C GYou'll be ok
D Em(You'll be okay)
[Verse 4] NC You see
Em DLovers come and go
C GLike the ships set out to sea
Em D C GAnd I'm sorry if I'€™m not helping you with my cliched similes
Em DBut I`m just trying to get you by
CTo make up for all the times
D C GThat I lied
[Verse 5]
Em DSee I lied to you and cheated
C GI ripped apart at all your seams
Em DCast your heart out to the side
C GWhen you handed it to me
EmSo you can do the same to mine
D CMaybe then you`ll be alright
G Em DYou`ll be just fine
C G(Oh you`€™ll be fine)
[Verse 6]
Em DSee here`s the lesson to be learned
CPlease just hate me don`€™t hate yourself
G DTake our memories away
EmTake my pictures off the shelf
CI made a home here in the dissonance
DAfter causing so much pain
G DSo forget about me completely
Em CAnd let me fade away
GYou'€™ll be okay
D EmYou`ll be okay
C G EmYou`€™ll be okaaaaaaa-ehaaayy
C G You`€™ll be okay
[Outro] D Em D C G
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