Adult Mom – Steal The Lake From The Water chords


EmCall it what you want
Am C Am CI see myself under water
EmYou call drowning swimming
Am C Am CAs you watch me swallow water
EmForget what I said
Am CI emerge wet and screaming
Am Cbloody murder
G DAnd you might say I make myself
Am CInto a marginal victim
G DA baby crying hard until
AmI get what I want
C Gbut there is a friction
D Am C Gbetween, What I want and what I need
D Am CAnd it is clear that I must scream
Am CSo I paddle harder
Am C [Verse]
EmPain exists in ways you inflict
Am C Am CThe breaks you can’t solder
EmWrite about me, Live in your own world of hurt
Am C Am CSteal the lake from the water
G DAnd I’ll conflate the ones who
Am CMade me feel a part of their system
G DEvery screaming man gets what
Am C GHe wants and doesn’t know the difference
D Am CBetween what he wants and thinks he needs
G D Am CAnd I always find myself to be
Am CThe loving martyr
Am CI’m screaming like thunder
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