Dolores And Kimberly chords with lyrics by Advance Base - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Advance Base – Dolores And Kimberly chords

F    Bb F Dm C Bb

FI came to Indiana
Bb FWhen I was 32
Dm C BbI didn't know anyone but you
FI got off of the bus
Bb FWith the one bag I could bring
Dm C BbPlus the cash I got for the ring
FYou were waiting at the station
Bb FWith a Thermos and some flowers
Dm C BbI knew your jacket from your picture
CThe streets were so empty
BbYou'd think it was the rapture
COur midnight world
FJust me and you
[Break] F Bb F Dm C Bb [Verse]
FI moved into your apartment
Bb FIt was comfortable for two
Dm C BbYou let me paint the bedroom blue
FI started working at the bar
Bb FYou would drive me in your car
Dm C Bband you'd come pick me up too
CHeadlights down deserted roads
BbLooked like a lunar landscape
COur midnight world
FJust me and you
[Break] F Bb F Dm C Bb [Verse]
FJesse gave me the divorce
Bb FWhen I turned 34
Dm C BbI just can't see the kids anymore
FThat night after closing
Bb FWe opened up some good champagne
Dm C Bband we slow danced across the floor
C BbThat night the radio played Moon River
CIn our midnight world
FFor me and you
[Outro] F Bb F Dm C Bb F Bb F Dm C Bb F
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