Alex G – Gnaw chords

Am  C  Am  G  x4

[Verse 1]
Am C Yeah, you were scarred
Am GAnd you were cryin' loud, right out in the schoolyard
Am C And yeah I felt good
Am GEverything i knew was looking just as it should
Am C I saw the tree
Am GCarved in it 666 and he found me
Am C But I am no fool
Am G GI know everytime I look in his eyes he sees me too
[Instrumental] Am C Am G x4 G [Solo] G G G G [Outro]
Am Dry your eyes
C I won't tell your mother
Am She won't ever discover
G The things you kept under the covers
AmAnd Please don't cry
C I am not your brother
Am I am not your lover
G And there is nothing wrong
[Outro] Am C Am G x4
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