Alex G – Big World chords

G C A F (x2)

[Verse 1]
G C A FSo many big problems for such a little girl
G C A FShe wants to tell me all about her broken world
G C A FSometimes I give a shit but I just dont know why
G C A FI'll take another one then let me go outside
[Bridge] G C A F (x2) [Verse 2]
G C A FSomebody told me that I shouldn't go to school
G C A FI should just play guitar and try to break the rules
G C A FI thought I'd do it but I didn't even start
G C A FI couldn't bring myself to break my mommy's heart
[Bridge] G C A F (x2) [Verse 3]
G C A FLast night I saw her staring through the tv screen
G C A FInto another world no one has ever seen
G C A FThere's something wrong with that but again maybe there's not
G C A FI guess it's all ok as long as she forgot
[Outro] G C A F (x2)
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