Amorie – Lover Please chords

[Verse 1]
Cmaj7Asking me to forget is asking me to pretend
EmThat the sun does not exist
Cmaj7Lover, please, just hear this: all I do
EmIs sit and reminiscence while the moon cries back to me
DAnd offers a kiss
Cmaj7Days fading fast
D EmFalling to ash
DI’m living in the past
[Verse 2]
Cmaj7Floating through memories thick with fog
EmSick with remembering
DMy breath losing my lungs
Cmaj7Lover, please, hold me once - I’ve become
EmSo empty and undone
Heart beating like a time bomb
DI can’t out run
Cmaj7I can’t go
DTo the depths my
EmMind roams
DYou filled the space between my skin and bones
Cmaj7Sealed in a rose
D EmDays I miss most
N.C.All I have now is your ghost
Cmaj7Take the moon from my head
D EmAnd you’ll just have the sky
DThere’s no sun left to rise
Cmaj7I’d take all the fault and blame
D EmJust to hear you say my name
Won’t you put my mind at ease and come home
D Cmaj7Lover, please
D Em D Cmaj7Lover, please
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