Crazier Than You chords with lyrics by Andrew Lippa - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Andrew Lippa – Crazier Than You chords

[Verse 1]
N.C.Once, I was hopeful
Thought we were one. Life, less than perfect Finally begun.
D7But, now I wonder
Bsus(add2) BAre we undone?
Em A7I wanna treasure you in death as well as life
Em Gm/CI wanna cut you with my love and with my knife
Em A7susBut can I live as your tormentor and your wife
[Chorus 1]
BbWhen I am crazier than you
FI'm crazier than you
Ab Eb F/Eb EbAnd nothing up til now has proved me wrong
F/Eb BbI'm crazier than you
FThat's just the overview
Ab Eb F/Eb Eb F/EbSo get on board or simply move along
[Verse 2]
D7I'm not impulsive
(and yet I truly love you) I'm not deranged
D7(I'd never ask that of you)
But in this moment
B7sus BI feel I've changed.
Em A7I wanna climb Mt. Everest go to Mozambique
Em Gm/CI wanna be impulsive want to be unique
Em A7susCan you believe I mean it when you hear me shriek
[Chorus 2]
CI'm crazier than you
GI'm crazier than you
Bb F G/F FAnd now I'll prove to you exactly ho ow ow
G/F CI'm crazier than you
GI'll do what you can do
Bb F G/F F G/FFrom here on in I give my solemn vo ow ow ow
D7/APluck the arrow from its quiver,
Hold it in your hand be brave.
F/CPierce the apple not the liver
Or we're dancing on my grave.
Eb7Place it in the bow and steady,
N.C.Can't you shoot that thing already!
Em A7I wanna demonstrate that fear is my ideal
(Girl believe me fear is your ideal)
Em Gm/cCause in the moment that you're frightened life is real
(Then my life must be real real!)
Em A7susAnd in a flash when I release and seal the deal
[Chorus 3}
BbI'm crazier than you
FI'm crazier than you
Ab Eb F/Eb EbAnd nothing hurts me when I hear you say
F/Eb BbI'm crazier than you
FPsychotically into
Ab Eb F/Eb EbAnd that is all I need to face the da ay ay
F/Eb BB N.C.I'm crazier than you
B F#F# N.C.I'm crazier than you
A E F#/E EAnd live or die I'll let you have con tro--o-----ol
F#/E B I'm crazier than you
B F#So say you love me too
A E F#/E E F#/E E6From here on in you're singing to my so o o oul
B11/A Em7 G BMy soul!
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