Andrew Savage – Winter In The South chords


[Verse 1]
AWhen we'll blow the torch
GSummon me onto your porch
C A'Til into your parlor again
How can you still smile?
GThere you are, it's been awhile
C ABack to the town where you live
Can I speak to you?
GLike I've always wanted to
C AWith every eye on my face
Where you find my words
GWiggle snakes out of the earth
C AOmens and our not of place
[Chorus 1]
C AI'm a screen porch flyer
C AI am drying- flowers
C A G F DI'm a postcard read, filed and fed to it's place in the drawer...
[Verse 2]
A Winter in the south
GAutumn from a northern mouth
C AActs like the cruelest month lived
When I last was here
GHappy to return my dear
C ATalk for a while and let's sit
Ample was the floor
GSleeping in the clothes we wore
C AThat night we called it a bed
With no fear of shame
GThe less I could a common name
C AFelt out the lie between us
[Chorus 2]
C AI'm a bowing- eye
C AI'm a pilgrim- south
C A G F DI'm a toy you both speaking slow as it sentenced the end
[Verse 3]
AYou dreamt that I died
GMy face on another side
C AStretched like the string on the door
Feel my pulse and tap
GBleach my blood mantras and
C AClaim every ounce of it yours
Two weeks on the land
GNow I'm back at home again
C ANowhere to rhyme but the tape
Often goes the sound
GOf a hearts uncertain hound
C AClinging the bars of it's tape
[Chorus 3]
C AI'm a hotel shower
C AI'm a tempted- snake
C A G F DI'm a distant howl making sound as it dreeps on the floor
[Horn Solo] A [Verse 4]
ATalented with words
GAm I more than pretty verse?
C ARead by a voice in your head
Am I on your mind?
GAfter all this kindling cried
C ABuilding around like a sand
Now I hold the torch
GNow the amputation's yours
C AGlowing on fire like a cake
I'll be thirty-one
GNext month and I only want
C AYou by my side as I wake
[Chorus 4]
C AI am no wrong turn
C AIs there such a- thing?
C A G F DThere are only turns that we take at one time, it's okay
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