Mood Song chords with lyrics by Angie McMahon - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Angie McMahon – Mood Song chords

 (TAB for intro)

[Intro] D/F#-Bm/G#-D/F#-C/E [Verse 1]
D/F#I wouldn't drive
Bm/G# D/F#Down your street
C/EI don't drive
D/F#And I wouldn't dance
Bm/G# D/F#If you asked me
C/EI'm not in the mood to jive
D/A C/EThere's a thing you'd like to say that you won't
D/A C/E D/AThere's a thing I'd like to do that I can't
G C/E D/A GWhooo - ooo - ooo - ooo – oo
C/EWhooo - ooo - ooo - ooo - oo
[Verse 2]
D/F# Bm/F#There is no need to explain it
D/F#Don't I know that
Em C/EPeople, we tend to get shaky
D/F# Bm/F#So let's just keep that ship at bay
D/F# EmKeep that shit far away
C/FFrom me
D/A C/EIf there's a thing you'd like to fix, well go on
D/A C/E D/AAnd if you'd rather not be here, move along
G C/E D/A GWhooo - ooo - ooo - ooo – oo
C/EWhooo - ooo - ooo - ooo - oo
C/E D/AIt's better to run
C/EIt's better to run
C/E D/A Bm* D/AIt's better to run
G C/E D/A GWhmmm - mmm - mmm - mmm – mm
C/EWhmmm - mmm - mmm - mmm - mm
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