Ann Peebles – Trouble Heartaches And Sadness chords


Dm Am C x2

[Verse 1]

Dm FWoh,
Dmold man trouble
F BbStop knockin' at my door
Dm CYou used to be a good friend of mine
CBut you can't hang around me no more
[Verse 2]
Dm F DmHeartaches (heartaches), stop knockin' at my window
F BbI don't wanna hear what you have to say
Dm CYou can go down your list of trouble
CAnd be on your merry way
Am Dm'Cause I found the love I need a long time
Am Bb Am GmI found the love to ease my troubled mind
F BbDark clouds, hanging over my head
F AmOh, but this time, sure won't rain on me
Dm BbHe's my sunshine and the love he give
C Gonna set me free, yeah
[Bridge] Dm Am C 2x [Verse 3]
Dm F DmMmm, sadness, I have no more use for you
F BbI know you can easily find you another friend
Dm C'Cause I found someone to take away my trouble
CBring my sadness to an end
AmWell, I found the love
DmI need a long time
AmI found the love
Bb Am GmHelp me ease my troubled mind
AmOoh, I found the love
DmI need a long time...
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