Anne Hathaway – Shes Me Pal chords

[Verse 1]
C Cmaj7She played my boss
Cmaj7And never was cross
Dm7 GShe drove all my troubles away
Dm7When she's your friend
G7She's yours to the end
G7 CNo matter what others may say
[Verse 2]
C Cmaj7She don't tell me
Cmaj7How I ought to be
Dm Dm7She likes me just as I am
Dm Dm7So when I get blue
C Cmaj7She’s the one I go to
Dm Dm7 G7For her heart is as big as a ham
[Verse 3]
CShe’s me pal
Cmaj7She’s me pal
C G7There ain't nobody else I can see
G7I know she's dead tough
G7But her lovein' not bluff
G7 CShe'd share her last dollar with me
AI'd rather have her
DmWith her fifteen a week
G EThan meet some old millionaire's gal
DmShe's the best - ever was
Dm7And I loves her because
G7She's me pal
CShe's me pal
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