Antioch Music – Unchanging chords

[Verse 1]
DAs the lightning fades from sight and the sun sets into night
G2 DYou stand there unchanging
DOur hearts still await the day when the clouds will roll away
G2 DAnd You'll stand there unchanging
G A Bm D/F#Jesus Savior in this world that's ever changing
G A DYou are faithful forever the same
[Verse 2]
DGrass will fade and flowers fall mountains crumble beneath it all
G2 DBut You stand there unchanging
DHeaven's angels bend their knee all around the glassy sea
G2 DAnd You stand there unchanging
(After second chorus, add space for spontaneous praise or instrumental before entering into a low B1) [Bridge 1]
G A Bm F#mFaithful is the Son Faithful is the Son
G A D GFaithful is the Son so unchanging
[Bridge 2]
A EmWe will stand up we will worship
D D/F# GWe will give our lives to the One who gave His life for us
A DFor You are always faithful so unchanging
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