Arab Strap – There Is No Ending chords

Verse Chords G6 F# Em7 Dsus C Baug Am7 Ge|--0---0---0---0------x---x----x---3--------|B|--3---3---3---3------1---1----1---0--------|G|--0---0---0---0------0---0----0---0--------|D|--0---0---2---0------2---0----2---0--------|A|--2---x---2---x------3---2----0---2--------|E|--3---2---0---x------x---x----x---3--------|
Outro Chords Bm-5 Cmaj7sus2 D6e|--x-----x---------x-----|B|--x-----x---------x-----|G|--4-----5---------7-----|D|--0-----0---------0-----|A|--2-----3---------5-----|E|--x-----2---------0-----|
[Intro] G6 F# Em7 Dsus C Baug Am7 G x6 [Break] Am G [Bridge]
F AmNot everything must end
F AmNot every romance must descend
F AmNot every lover's pact decays
F Am GNot every sad mistake replays
[Verse One]
G6 F# Em7 DsusIf you can love my growing gut
C Baug Am7 GMy rotten teeth and greying hair
G6 F# Em7 DsusThen I can guarantee I'll do
C Baug Am7 GThe same as long as you can bear
G6 F#If you love my little poofy hands
Em7 DsusMy skinny arms and reeking feet
C Baug Am7 GThe way I dance, the way I eat
G F#If you love the morning spots I try
Em7 DsusAnd squeeze before you're up to see
C Baug Am7 GEach torn ankle, each weak knee
[Break] G6 F# Em7 Dsus C Baug Am7 G Am G [Bridge]
F AmBut still my moods must swing
F AmTo solitude I must still cling
F AmAnd you won't love me every day
F Am GAnd suffer many a display
[Verse Three]
G6 F#But plates may smash and doors may slam
Em7 DsusMy comments may be less than kind
C Baug Am7 GBut that won't mean I've changed my mind
G6 F#I'm a huffy prick the best of times
Em7 DsusI love to sulk and shout and squeal
C Baug Am7 GBut please don't doubt the way I feel
G6 F#Cause when the Sun burns up the earth
Em7 DsusOur progeny will raise a can
C Baug Am7 GHere's to where it all began
G6 F#And every day I hear the world
Em7 DsusIs cracking up, the end is near
C Baug Am7 GI hear we all should live in fear
[Break] Am G [Outro] Bm-5 Cmaj7sus2 D6 Bm-5 Cmaj7sus2 D6 Bm-5 Cmaj7sus2 D6 Bm-5 Cmaj7sus2 D6
Bm-5 Cmaj7sus2Bullies, burglers, paedophiles
D6Bird flu and passive smoke (They're coming)
Bm-5 Cmaj7sus2Volcanoes, earthquakes, tidal waves
D6Heart disease and strokes (They're coming)
Bm-5 Cmaj7sus2Terrorists with homemade poisons
D6And factions everywhere (They're coming)
Bm-5 Cmaj7sus2They're drinking in the street
D6And they could steal your name,
G6 F# Em7 Dsus C Baug Am7 Gand I don't care!
[Coda] F# Em7 Dsus C Baug Am7 G x8
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